Sunday, March 22

Pregnancy: 17w3d


Oh my gosh! I'm huge already! I don't *feel* that big... the sad thing is that I have 5 more months to get even bigger!!


  1. Hi Aud!

    I found you through doing a search on loop scheduling for home schooling. I'll have to try it, it makes a lot of sense to me.

    I was surprised and happy to see that you and I are hand and hand for our due dates...I'm also due that day also with my fifth. Also already huge. The blogosphere is so neat in that way, isn't it.

    You can find me here:

    Happy pregnancy and I hope everything goes well for you!


    Have a great day!

  2. Audrey: I don't think you look huge at all. You look gorgeous!! Pregnancy agrees with you very well.
    I hope you are feeling well. My second trimester was always the best.

  3. Thanks Rhonda! My 2nd trimester is going fantastic so far!!

  4. Aw! You look so adorable, Audrey! I wished I had looked that cute while pg.


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sweet to the taste and health to the body.
~ Proverbs 16:24