Monday, March 16

Pinewood Derby and Ceremony

The Royal Rangers traveled to Dublin, VA on Saturday, for the Annual Pinewood Derby. The sad part is that they made the wrong cars. BUT they created a division for them so that they could still race, they just couldn't win a prize. They had fun.

On Sunday, the boys were presented with their next patch. The Ram.

To earn this patch they had to:
1. Prevously earn the Antelope Patch.
2. Complete Tasks in 4 Categories:
Physical - help the commander set up and clean the room for one month; Make a patrol collage.
Spiritual - Memorize Proverbs 18:10 and Romans 1:16
Mental - Learn the pledge to the United States flag; learn the blue point Loyal.
Social - Learn the Pastor's name; go to an outpost activity (Pinewood Derby)

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