Tuesday, March 3

Revised Plan for 09/10

I wrote about my "wishes" for the coming school year. Then, my husband was laid off... changing most of my plans.

MFW Creation to Greeks
~ I've found very good prices on most of the package. I'm still about 5 books short, but we'll see how that goes. Instead of God & the History of Art (which I still really really want), we'll just use Art Adventures at Home, since I already own it.

*B* ~ Singapore, not sure which level yet
*C* ~ Singapore, 2A & B
*T* ~ Singapore, 1A

Language Arts:
We are using the Original LLATL books. No workbooks. I am not opposed to workbooks, but the Original books are more inspired by Ruth Beechick than the newer ones. (I love Ruth Beechick!!)
*B* ~ LLATL Orange & Writing Strands 3
*C* ~ LLATL Yellow & Spellwell B/Bb
*T* ~ LLATL Blue

The older two will use copywork for their handwriting exercises.
*T* ~ Italic Handwriting, Book B, it's scheduled in LLATL

I still want Ecoutez, Parlez! though we may have to wait til the next school year.

We're dropping Latin as a language, but will be using English from the Roots Up and Rummy Roots as vocabulary builders.


  1. Sounds like a great plan. We have had some financial changes also thus a change in our upcoming plans. I'll post more later. I will definitely pray for your family.

  2. Audrey: That sounds like a well thought out, well rounded plan to me!!
    We have English From the Roots Up, and I used it for a year and a half with Miranda. I think it is great!
    I am planning to add that in for Levi and Maya in the coming school year.

  3. Why are you dropping Latin? Just curious. I'm thinking we're going to pick up Lively Latin next year, since we will be studying Greeks and Romans. Seemed like a good time. :-) You will have to let me know how you like MFW CTG. I was going to do ECC, but the girls like what we've been doing this year with Living Books Curriculum, and I already have the TM for next year because I bought it when they had their 1/2 price TM sale. I made an Amazon wish list for our books, so we will see if any grandparents feel inspired. Heh.

  4. I feel very strongly about learning French. So, for now, we're going to drop Latin. BUT I wouldn't have made that decision if we weren't doing English From the Roots Up. Kwim?

    I put in my last order for books today, so we will have everything within the next couple of weeks. I'm excited about doing CtG. I figured that when *B* is in 8th grade she'll do a one year world history and the youngers and I can do ECC.


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