Sunday, June 21

Creation to Greeks ~ week 4

This week went well, as far as MFW goes. We didn't do much LA or Math, since I've not been feeling up to par.

We learned some "everyday life" facts about Ancient Egypt, and the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by King Menes. (Check out my Notebooking Page.)

We also built pyramids out of homemade playdough and straws.

The whole point of the experiment was to prove that pyramids were more structurally sound than cubes.

Well... we proved it!! Our dough must've been too soft, because we couldn't even get the cube to stand up. If you put your hand on the top of the pyramid and tried to shake it slightly, it was very sturdy.

We've slacked a little on English From the Roots Up, but we'll get back to it - I promise! (And now it's in print so I have no choice. lol)

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  1. I need to remember to check back as we will be starting CTG soon so it's nice to see what's coming up! Thanks for posting!


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