Tuesday, June 30

WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge

We had so much fun! The kids were very disappointed that they didn't get to go to camp, so my loving mother paid for a trip to WonderWorks.

We decided to eat breakfast at FlapJack's in Sevierville before we went to the museum. It's one of our favorite places.


The little guy got a bear shaped waffle.

Then we drove 2 miles down the road to the "upside down house," as the kids call it.

From photo album: Wonderworks

It really was neat. (Click on the link above to see the entire album.)

I have to tell you though... the entry really got me! (This picture is from their website.) The lights spun around you and I had to hold tight to the rails... I almost fell over!! You couldn't see ANYTHING but the lights spinning.

 Ok, now my favorite part. I loved seeing the glass on the restroom change! I remembered seeing an episode of CSI: Miami, I think, that had them.

One more favorite part. :) There were a few sculptures made of scrap metal. They looked like nothing. But when the light shined on them at a certain angle the shadow... well see for yourself! WOW!


  1. That place is so much fun!! My kids loved it when we went last August.
    I agree about the entry part. I held on to the side and closed my eyes. :) Levi was the only one that liked that part.
    I'm glad you guys got to go and had such a fun day.

  2. I tried closing my eyes, but it the feeling didn't go away fast enough and there were people behind us. :)


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