Wednesday, June 24

Super Summer Swap

I signed the 3 older kids up for the Super Summer Swap. It's too late to sign up but if you click on the image you can read more about it.

They will be paired with a child their age in another state. They will send each other a package that will include at least 3 things, some examples include:

1.A postcard or brochure from where you live,

2. a lapbook or scrapbook or something handmade,
3. a photograph or drawing of your child,
4. a special gift that will allow your child's new friend to experience a hobby or interest that your child has or enjoys.
You do not have to spend any money, but please DO NOT spend more than $15.00 on the items that will be exchanged.
Depending on where our new friends are from we may send them some red dirt. :)

All of the packages should be mailed by August 3rd and then I have to post about it. So watch for it!

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