Friday, August 7

Canning Beans

We had planned on starting school this week... and sort of did. I guess we'll just stretch it over 2 weeks. I have 2 reasons for the delay: 1) Nauseousness (morning sickness) has come back with a vengeance and 2) I had to help break and can beans.

Great experience! I like breaking beans... I can sit and do nothing, yet still accomplish a whole lot! :) We ended up canning about 50 quarts and I got 3 dozen of them. Had some last night, they are AWESOME!! I hope I never have to eat commercially canned beans again.


  1. So sorry that you're nausea has returned! I'll pray for you to feel better.
    We use to have a large garden (I miss it) and we canned many green beans. You're right-they are sooo much better than store bought ones.
    We use to can tomatoes too, and I will always remember the night before I went to the hospital to give birth to Miranda, Gary and I were canning tomatoes! (We had to get them done you know!)

  2. I want to learn to can so badly...I am thinking of using Green Beans as my first experience. I love snapping beans! :-)

  3. Well worth the delay. Nothing beats home-canned, home-grown food. YUM!


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sweet to the taste and health to the body.
~ Proverbs 16:24