Saturday, August 15

Our Schooling Area


I absolutely LOVED looking at everyone's blogs. I noticed that most people included their couch. This is where we do most of our reading. Lately, it's where we do math and LA also. I go over things with them and send them to their room or the table to finish.

This is the Kitchen/Main School Area. (I just made Laundry Soap.)

Here's the whiteboard and our new bookshelf. The banker's boxes both have more books in them. I seriously need more space.

This is both of my school bookshelves. The little one still needs filled and as you can see it's in our hallway below the timeline.

And finally, the calendar with our Jewish Holiday list next to it.

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  1. What a beautiful family! Your "I'm so crafty that I make people button" is cracking me UP. Thanks for posting your website on wtm; it's full of great ideas! :)


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