Saturday, August 15

Creation to Greeks ~ week 5

We finally finished week 5!!

On Monday, August 3 we started our science experiment. We're trying to grow mold on a regular piece of bread and compare it to toast and a piece with neosporin on it. After almost 2 weeks we have NO MOLD. It's a little disappointing. I've never considered myself to have a green thumb, but this is ridiculous!!

We finished memorizing the books of the Old Testament this week. They did a great job, I'm so proud!

Pyramids made out of sugar cubes and icing. Of course when they were done I had to let them taste a sugar cube.

This is our timeline so far...

HYMN STUDY: Holy, Holy, Holy focus on verse 1. We also read the story of the author, Reginald Herber from Hymns for a Kid's Heart.

Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

VOCABULARY: They finally started English From the Roots Up. I'm having them do 2 words a week until they're caught up. This week they did pages for biblos and sauros.

ART HISTORY/STUDY: God and the History of Art is a really really good program, I just think it was a bit over my kids' heads. The new plan is to read from Hillyer's A Child's History of Art, this week we read part 1, chapter 1: The Oldest Pictures in the World. Next week we will start instruction from Art Adventures at Home.

READ ALOUD: Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, pages 3-19.

LATIN: Latin's Not So Tough 1, pages 87-96. They should finish next week.


*T* did lessons 12 and 13 from R&S 1. He's learning to add now. :)

*C* worked on renaming. It was a little hard for him to grasp at first, but now that he's got it the boy has taken off! We worked quite a bit in the Text before we moved on to exercise 20 in Primary Math 2A... nice and easy...

*B* is still finishing up PM 2B. She's working through the Standards textbook and doing the corresponding pages in the US Ed. workbook. Text: pages 33-38 which include practices B, C, D. Workbook: exercises 22-23 and pages 55-56 of the Standards workbook. Those pages involved Division with Remainders, not included in the US Ed.


*T* played on, but that's about it.

*C* completed LLATL Yellow, Lesson 1.

*B* did 1/2 of LLATL Orange, Lesson 1. She also read The Boxcar Children #1 in it's entirety! Next week I'll have her do the Book Study and finish lesson 1.

She also did Lesson 1 in Writing Strands 3. Each day she asked to do it first. :)


  1. Love you detailed report! Are you ready to have your little blessing? It's getting close! Can't wait to hear about it all and see some cute photos!

  2. Sounds like you had a great week. I love the sugar cube pyramids, we are studying about pyramids this week in STOW, I am copying this idea. Thank you it is a great project.

  3. What a wonderful, productive week you all had Audrey!
    I love the sugar pyramids-so cute and it is great they got their Old Testament book of the Bible memorized.
    Everything looks great. We started school yesterday but we're off to a bit of a slow start. We'll make up for it though!

  4. On growing mold-try tapioca bread. We have to have gluten free bread and it grows mold if not used within a few days.

  5. Thank you, we'll have to try that. It's been almost 1 month and still no mold. I can't believe it!!


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