Friday, September 25

Chaos vs. Creation

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Christian Kids Explore Biology: Lesson 1, the Experiment.

Last week when we did the teaching part of the lesson we discussed Creation vs. Evolution. Since we did no other school this week, I decided that we should at least finish up our Biology lesson.

First we filled out the Experiment Form.

Today I am trying to find out if I can create something by accident.

Based on what I have read and studied, I believe that nothing will be created.

The Experiment:
To test out this theory, I plan to throw popsicle sticks up in the air.

Next, we took turns throwing popsicle sticks.

We discussed our results and that GOD had to have PLANNED and CREATED the Earth - for nothing can be created by accident.

Lastly, the kids planned and created with their popsicle sticks.


  1. Your activity reminded me of a science experiment we did that tried to make rain and it failed dismally. I was so glad because it reinforced that only God does that.

    I love that even our "failures" point to Him.

  2. I like this activity! Very neat!

  3. Oh, one more thing...You know what is so funny about this "simple" experiment? A friend's husband got saved because of it! Instead of popsicle sticks it was a box of Legos all separated. Someone asked him, "How long would you have to shake the box before you made an intricate structure, like a building?"

    He realized he could shake that box for "billions" of years and never make a structure. It was then he realized there had to be a Creator.

    Thank you for reminding me of that... I hadn't thought of it for years.

  4. Lainie thanks for sharing that. I read The Lie by Ken Ham a long time ago and it had all kinds of stuff like that in it. I absolutely love the common sense approach that he took.

    I'll make a note in my book to use Legos the next time around. :)

  5. We did the craft stick activity but used playing cards instead. That was 4 weeks ago. We finally found the Queen of Hearts over the weekend!

  6. LOL! That's why we DIDN'T use the cards. :)


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