Monday, January 14

My Prodigy

I am making a prediction: L (12m) will be able to read (at least CVC) before his 4th birthday.

This boy LOVES books. If you give him the choice between a book and a toy, he chooses the book. He's always been like that. At church, he keeps himself occupied by looking at the hymnal. And he's never ripped a page. He amazes me.

Lately, he's been bringing me books and pointing to words saying, "Da." Maybe he's asking me what it says? But the thing that really gets me is that he never says anything about the pictures. Just the words.

Today: T and I started 100 EZ Lessons. L was on my lap while we did the lesson. After T and I were done, L goes, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm." Then he smiles and does it again.

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  1. That was just like my dd and she was reading at 3. I thought that toys were so overrated because my dd *never* played with toys. It was always books. She's in 5th grade now, and still LOVES books!


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