Tuesday, July 8

Latin works!!

We were reading from the book of John. It was *C*'s turn and the word was "disciple," he said, "discipuli." I laughed. I shouldn't have, poor guy was so embarrassed that he almost cried. Here's how the conversation went.

*C* "Why are you laughing?"

Me "It was cute. You said a Latin word instead of an English word."

*C* "What does disciple mean?"

Me "Well, it's an English word that comes from the Latin word discipuli. What does discipuli mean?"

*C* thought for a second. "Student."

Me "Very good. So what do you think disciple means?"

*C* "Student."

Me "Who were they students to?"

*C* "Jesus."

Me "That's right. So, whenever you're reading the Bible and it says 'the disciples' who do you think they're talking about?"

*C* "Jesus's students!" 


  1. Perfect! We've had the exact same conversation with Tiger. :-) Isn't Latin awesome?

  2. Thats fantastic!! Good job!!

  3. wow, that is so cool. I really want to teach my kids latin, but I am really afraid I will flop with it. What program are you using? (I'll look around on your blog and see if I can figure that out myself... this is my first time visiting, I really like your blog.)


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