Thursday, July 31

What is Zoology?

After much thought and debate, I've decided to add Zoology 1 to our curriculum this year. This is the long term plan:

08/09 - Adventures in MFW; Zoology 1

09/10 - Exploring Countries and Cultures; Zoology 2

10/11 - Creation to the Greeks; Zoology 3

11/12 - Rome to the Reformation; Astronomy (included)

12/13 - Exploration to 1850; Botany (included)

13/14 - 1850 to Modern Times; ??

You get the picture, right?

What is Zoology? ~ Lesson 1 (Free Download Here)

Day 1: "What is Zoology?" p.1
DO: Make a list of "flying creatures."

"Classification" p.2
DO: Discuss drawing in text

Day 2: "Latin" p.4
"Binomial Nomenclature" p.5
DO: Try This! p.5
(a) mnemonic phrase: KPCOFGS (b) look up Latin names (c) explain/narrate taxonomy and binomial nomenclature.

Day 3: "Flight" p.6
"Uplifting Pressure" p.6
DO: Try This! p.7 ~ experiment

Day 4: "Airfoil" p.8
"What a Drag" p.8
DO: explain lift, thrust, and drag

Day 5: "Your Notebook" p.9
DO: gather pages, put in notebook

"Mid-Lesson Experiment" p.10
DO: experiment

Day 6: "Habitats" p.12
COPY: All an animal really needs in its habitat is water, food, and shelter.

"Instinct" p.14
COPY: Instinct is a built in need to do something for survival.

Day 7: "Extinction" p.15
COPY: Animals become extinct when every single one dies out and there are no longer any of them living on earth.

"Extinction Errors" p.17

Day 8: "What Do You Remember?" p.18
DO: Make a drawing for notebook pages
DO: Make a Field Notebook

Day 9: "Project" p.19
DO: Nature Scavenger Hunt (list on p.20)

**I will edit my plans as the weeks progress to more closely match what was actually done.**

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