Thursday, July 17

A New Twist on FLYing

Before I ever heard about Fly Lady, I had read Sidetracked Home Executives. If I remember correctly, Fly Lady got her inspiration from the authors. I really like the index card system in the book. It's very similar to Fly Lady's Control Journal, but you write everything on different colored index cards. I always got overwhelmed because I'd write out all of the index cards and get bogged down. So my new plan is to sort of combine Fly Lady and SHE.

My "Chore" Box

I have dividers with the months of the year and numbers 1-31. At the very front, I have the current month's calendar. (This one is from Donna Young.) Directly behind that is an index card for everything that needs to be accomplished that day. (Which hangs out IN FRONT OF the number17, because today is the 17th.) When I finish something the card goes in front of tomorrow's date.

Here are a few examples of daily items.

I've been very slow about my baby steps. I don't go to the next one until I'm completely comfortable with the previous. I guess I need newborn steps. You know how fast a newborn moves!

Just today I added two things that need to be done weekly. 1) Weigh Myself and 2) Lesson Prep.

On the back of "weigh myself" I wrote today's date with my weight. After that was completed, I filed it under next Thursday (July 24th).

I can't find my book and I can't remember exactly how they do the cards, but here's how I'm going to do mine.

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  1. Awesome organization! :-) It'll become routine so quickly I bet!


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