Sunday, October 19

Royal Ranger Day

The Ranger Kids (grades K-2) were presented with the Antelope Award today.

There are certain tasks to be completed and they are grouped into four categories.
Physical: 1. Clean around the church for 1 month; 2. Make a Patrol Flag
Spiritual: Memorize 2 scriptures, John 15:12 & Romans 12:10
Mental: 1. Learn the Pledge to the Christian Flag; 2. Learn the Blue Point Alert (part of the Royal Ranger Emblem)
Social: 1. Learn the name and address of their church; 2. Go to one outpost activity

In addition to this, every Royal Ranger is required to know the Pledges to the American Flag and Royal Ranger Flag. They also have to memorize the Royal Ranger Motto and the Royal Ranger Code.

** All of the previous links are found on this page at the Royal Rangers' website. **

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  1. So cool! Wish we had something like this at our church.


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