Friday, January 11

KONOS, first week

This is exciting. We've just finished our first week of KONOS. After our lesson on Tuesday, T (K4) said, "Are we going to do *real* school now?" I loved it!! :) I chose Obedience as our first Unit of study. We have some areas that need worked on. And even after 1 week, I've seen an improvement in them, AND in how I discipline them. It's amazing.

Monday: We discussed the Bible. I introduced it to them as if they had never seen it before. I explained the books, chapters and verses. I showed them the Table of Contents, where they can find the page number of whichever book they need. I had them practice finding a few verses. Then we worked on memorizing the first 5 books. Poor C had the hardest time remembering, he would say Leparticus and Deuteronomous.

Tuesday: I quizzed them on the first 5 books several times throughout the day. They had it by bedtime. We looked up reasons that God gave to obey our parents. (Pr 6:20, Eph 6:1-2, Col 3:2) We played "Mother, may I?", and read Lighthouse by Robert Munsch. We also admired pictures of lighthouses in my calendar :) When it got dark, I walked out into the field where they couldn't see me. Then I said, "Find me!" They started out slow, but then they saw me and ran. So I moved again, and then I turned on my flashlight and shined it like a Lighthouse. They ran right to me. THEN they understood the importance of a lighthouse.

Wednesday: We added the History books (Joshua - Esther) of the OT to our memorization. Since they weren't hard to pronounce, they got them right away. We made a chart of Authority Figures and who to obey. While we did that, we discussed each one. We read The Lighthouse Family by Cynthia Rylant.

Thursday: No school :( Annoying family issues.

Friday: We sorta did two days in one. We talked about Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of the printing press. We did an overview of "how the Bible came to us" with The World's Most Wonderful Book: How The Bible Came To Be. I just bought it, it's really neat. After that I read to them from MOH v1 page 307 about the Lighthouse at Alexandria. I was amazed to find a picture of it in my Bible, so I showed that to them as well. I read out of our Kingfisher's Little Encyclopedia about Light and the Sun. THEN we painted suncatchers!! :)

B finished Primary Math 1A on Friday. She was so excited to get started with 1B that I let her start :) Everything else is going well. I will be ordering HWT, probably Monday. I think what I've decided to do, is get B the 2nd grade printing book and C the 1st grade printing book.


  1. Looks like a very productive & fun first week with Konos!

  2. Wow looks like a great week, I wish I had a copy of KONOS laying around. So many neat things in there!

  3. Outstanding! Way to keep going on Friday even after the mess on Thursday.

  4. Welcome to the KONOS family! We did Obedience through the fall. It was hands-down the most fun we've had home schooling in two years!

  5. By the way, my blog link is

  6. What a fun outside in the field lighthouse activity! We did KONOS for 2 years...fond memories! I'll just read about all the fun on your blog now. :)
    Lee (from the WTM board)

  7. Great week! Glad Konos is working for you! I love the picture slide onthe sidebar of your kids... great pictures...

    Enjoy your Saturday!


  8. Wonderful week. I am so glad you found a good fit for you family.



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