Monday, August 4

First "official" Day in 2008/9

Today could not have gone more perfect... well, except for the terrible twos setting in early. (Actually, I think he's getting some more teeth.)

1. Bible
We read about the widow who gave all she had to Elijah,
and God still provided for her. A great lesson in that for all of us.
Our Memory Verse this week is John 6:35

2. Math
*B* did lessons 1 & 2 from BJU Math 3.
*C* did the first lesson from CLE 200. Light Unit 201 is a review of the 100 series. It is full of pre-tests and practice pages.
*T* worked in Essential Math, counting backwards.

3. Latin
We had already done Lessons 1 & 2 of Song School Latin orally,
so today I had *B* and *C* fill in their workbooks.
We sang all of the songs for lessons 1 & 2.

In Minimus, we read the introduction and listened to the CD for the first story.

4. History
We read from American Pioneers and Patriots.
This week we're learning about French Settlers in Detroit.
We also started memorizing the names of the Great Lakes.

5. Language Arts
*B* is finishing up lesson 8 from "last year." (It sounds so long ago! LOL)
*C* did lesson 1 from CLE Sunrise LA 200.
*T* did his reading lesson from MFW K, week 3.

6. Science
Zoology 1 was done just as described below.
We added a library book called "What is the Animal Kingdom?"
and worked on learning the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful start to the new year! Congratulations! Getting started is about 95% of the battle it seems. Looking forward to hearing how the whole week goes.


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