Friday, August 22

We finally did art...

and that's about all we did this week.

In order of appearance: *B* ~ *T* ~ *C*

We are using Art Adventures at Home. We did Lesson 1, Year A and discussed how shapes are made up of lines.

I had my own art project for the week.

We only had 2 days of actual "school" this week, so a little math, language arts, and history were done also.

And I've come to realize that I love Primary Language Lessons!


  1. Hannah Montana! My daughter loves her!:) My dd loved your cake!:)

  2. My girls would be so excited if they got a cake like that. They really like Hanna Montana. What a good mom you are because to be quite honest I never thought to put characters on their cakes. We do the typical homemade cake with frosting and maybe some flowers, lol.

    The art projects look like they were fun to make. I'm glad you had a good week.

  3. We are using Art Adv @ Home also! Hope we both enjoy it. Thanks for sharing you week!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful birthday week! Doing art with them is so much fun.
    Hope you have a great week-end!

  5. Some weeks just need to be light... especially birthday weeks! The art looks like fun!


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