Friday, July 31

Finalized Plan for 09/10


I "Planned My CM Education" and had decided that our first official day of school would be on September 1. I did that to wait on the baby, but I've since gone back on that and decided to go ahead and start August 3rd. He's not due til the end of the month and there's no sense in NOT counting the days we school up until he's born. Right? :)

School starts on Monday and here's the plan:

MFW Creation to the Greeks ~ Bible, History, Science, Literature
Vivaldi, Bach, Handel ~ Composer Study in CtG, but will be making it a little more in depth
Art Adventures at Home ~ Art Instruction
A Child's History of Art ~ Art Appreciation
Hymns for a Kid's Heart ~ Hymn Study

English From the Roots Up ~ Greek Roots as per CtG
Latin's Not So Tough 2, Matin Latin 1, Minimus ~ Latin
Ecoutez, Parlez! ~ French
Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, MUS Demo ~ Greek Alphabet
Dance Mat Typing ~ Typing

*B* 4th Grade:
Singapore PM 3A/B (hopefully 4A) ~ Math
LLATL Orange (Original Edition) ~ Language Arts/Grammar
Writing Strands 3, Imitation in Writing Aesop ~ Writing/Composition
Upper Grammar Literature Book 1 ~ Literature Study

*C* 3rd Grade:
Singapore PM 2A/B (probably 3A) ~ Math
LLATL Yellow (Original Edition) ~ Language Arts/Grammar
Spectrum Spelling 3, Natural Speller ~ Spelling
Beginning Literature Book II ~ Literature Study

*T* 1st Grade:
R&S Beginning Arithmetic, Singapore PM 1A ~ Math
LLATL Blue (Original Edition) ~ Language Arts/Phonics/Literature

I have Keepers at Home and Contenders for the Faith and would like to incorporate those eventually.

Copywork (cursive or manuscript, depending on level) will probably be done mostly with our Bible Memory Verses. I'll probably write out the models. I'd like to buy Educational Fontware and use BJU's Cursive font. I'll be using BJU's Precursive Font for *T* to copy manuscript.


  1. Well planned out! We start on Aug 4th due to a doctor's appointment 2 hours each way on the 3rd. It looks like you'll have a great first week. :)

  2. Audrey: It all looks very, very good!! I think it is great that you are ready to go ahead and get a head start before your sweet bundle arrives. It will make the time go much more quickly!!
    I look forward to seeing how your week goes.


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