Friday, November 14

I'm Knitting!!

This is so addicting! Seriously. *B* has been wanting to learn to knit and I found a set of Bamboo sz 10 needles for $1 at Walmart. So, I bought them. I need to teach myself before I can teach her. PLUS she's left-handed so I REALLY have to know what I'm doing to show her backwards!!

This is my learning/practice piece:

Then I was trying to think of a project. Everything I read and saw said that a scarf was the easiest beginner project. So it was decided. I am going to make scarves and matching hats for the kids. *L* just got a new hat so I'm making the scarf to match.

This is what the other 3 chose. *B* chose pinks, *T* wanted red, white, and blue, *C* didn't care. :)


  1. Oooh, those yarn colors look great and I think you are doing just wonderfully!! Yay for you Audrey. Now I want to knit! :)


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