Thursday, November 20

Tweaking MFW

I actually sat down and integrated A Child's Story of America with Adventures in My Father's World-starting at week 18.

I soooo wish I had done this from the beginning. I love Adventures in MFW, but it's very light on history... for us. Now that we've started our State Studies there doesn't seem to be enough history... for us.

Here it is. I hope someone finds it useful. At least you can see where the states would be covered in a US History Study. Click the box on the far right to make it full screen.
US History Plan
Get your own at Scribd or explore others:

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  1. Very well done Audrey! :)
    I often (VERY often) have to tweak things to my liking because I have yet to find perfect curriculum!
    I hope you have a wonderful week-end. (Keep knitting!!)


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