Friday, September 12

Adventures in MFW ~ week 10 1/2

We had a light week. Mostly, we did some local history and a little bit of math and language.
I printed this map from the American Revoluntion sample at Homeschool In The Woods.

Tonight we will finish reading Lizzie and the Redcoat. I highly recommend it! We also read The Nutcracker Ballet, as we've been studying Tchaikovsky.
We did a few pages of math and 1 lesson from PLL. This week's copywork was "Jack Sprat."

The highlight of our week was the walking tour of Greeneville, TN. We really did most of the tour but paid special attention to the items related to our studies.
General John Morgan (Civl War) was killed across the street from this church. There's still a cannon ball from that day stuck in the front. Cool, huh?!

Now to the neatest part of the tour. The "Old Greene County Gaol" (Jail).

Here's an excerpt from the Walking Tour Pamphlet:
Originally built in 1804-05 the stone jail was in the middle of Depot Street near the Andrew Johnson Tailor Shop. The rear of the jail was nearly touching Richland Creek... In 1838the old stone jail, in its entirety, was torn down and moved, stone by stone, to the present site. In 1882 [they] erected a red brick second story to the stone jail.
The funniest thing about the jail is that it's smack dab in the middle of the parking lot for the present jail. I mean literally, right in the middle of the parking lot. Cracked me up! Here is the current jail, on the original site of the old gaol. (I took the pic standing in front of the Tailor Shop.)

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  1. Sounds like a great field trip and a great week!


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