Wednesday, September 24

Summer Photo Essay

I'm going to start "summer" in May. That's when we went to Texas. If I don't include that I probably won't have many pics!
We stopped in New Orleans, it was a LONG drive! We stayed at the Hilton on St. Charles Ave. We could see the Super Dome from our room (on the 17th floor.)

The next morning we hit the Aquarium. We had to spend a little time in New Orleans in order to be in Houston by the time my mom got off of work.

The next day we went to the Space Center in Houston.

We also made it to the Houston Zoo.

We did lots of stuff! (We were there 2 weeks.) We made it to Galveston...

...and Kemah. This is the hotdog stand where we spent $50! The boys that worked it couldn't believe that we spent that much.

After all that, our summer was pretty boring. We made it to the Natural Tunnel in VA a couple of times. That's my cousin.

Like I said earlier, if it hadn't been for Texas then I wouldn't have had much of a post!


  1. Looks like a fun trip. My kids would love to visit the Space Center-especially Levi.
    I wonder if $50 at the hot dog stand is a record?

  2. We were at Galveston and the Space Center this summer too...first time my kids saw the beach. Really had a fun time playing in the Space Center. I'm sure it looks much different now after the Hurricane.

  3. Wonderful pics! Sounds like a great summer. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Yay! I can finally post through IE's browser! I couldn't post through Fire Fox. It wouldn't display the word verification. Weird but anyway, looks like you had a great summer.


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