Friday, September 26

Adventures in MFW ~ week 12

Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia
Our first week of State Study! euge! My version of MFW uses a Dover Coloring Book for the state pages. I printed the state flags (onto sticker paper) from Enchanted Learning.

They wanted to make a "State Book" instead of putting the pages into their history notebooks. And these are the books I got from the library. I went ahead and got all of the 13 colonies.

In science, we will be coordinating bird study to match the state birds. Most of our readings come from Birds, Nests, and Eggs. This week we read about the American Gold Finch.
This week's picture study: A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. We read the info here, looked at it "far" and "close" here...

... and colored the picture. Using crayons sort of made it look like lots of dots.

We had a pretty light week. Daddy was cut to 30 hours at work for a few weeks, so we have to adjust to a new schedule.
*B* took chapter 3 math test and did ok. I wasn't very happy, but at least it was something fairly easy. She has a hard time "getting" easy stuff. Anyway, so she also did some Math Mammoth worksheets for extra practice. After I felt she really grasped estimation, we moved on. She completed lesson 27 (meter) and lesson 28 (decimeter).
*C* started Horizons Math grade 2. He did lessons 1-7. He can't wait to get to lesson 10, because it's a test! Crazy boy!
...And that's all she wrote!


  1. Audrey: I'm sorry that your husband was cut back to 30hrs/wk. I hope it does not last long. I know from experience that it is hard, too, to have daddy home more-it is so hard to stay on schedule.
    We've used Math Mammoth and found it to be very helpful with concepts.
    "He can't wait to get to lesson 10 because it's a test"-LOL!!

  2. I like the idea of coloring the picture like dots, I bet it was fun! Thanks for sharing your week.


  3. Your blog looks beautiful! Thanks for the info and links to your picture study! I think I'm a "link junkie." ;)

  4. Adventures look great! I can't wait to start that with my youngest.

  5. Art study looks like fun! And it sounds like a good week. Way to go *C* on the math!


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