Wednesday, September 3


I figured it was best to just post a picture of the schedule I look at. We don't follow it 100%. I use it merely as a guide to keep me on track, and make sure that others are busy during one-on-one time.

At 6:15, Daddy leaves for work. We usually try to finish up whatever hasn't been done.

Our main Read Aloud is done while the kids are laying in bed. 2 of them always fall asleep and the other 2 beg for more!


  1. Looks like a well planned routine. I sure wish we still had NAP around here lol. At least for me anyway. ;) Have a great week.

  2. Looks busy but doable. Love *L*'s activities. Too funny. What do y'all listen to at lunch? We do poetry every day at lunchtime here. Panda is urgent that I never forget. And if it's too short he bursts into tears. Tiger does his new poem recitations then too.

  3. Actually I had "mom" to read aloud and forgot to remove "listen" before I made it a PDF. Today we listened to a story about Tchaikovsky, though.

  4. Love the "whine" and "get in the way" scheduled in - at least you can definitely feel that you did accomplish part of the schedule, should nothing else get done!! LOL!



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