Thursday, September 4

We plugged it back in...

We ended up with NO TV for 5 full days! I know, I know, we said a week... BUT we were doing it for ourselves... to see what we were missing. We figured that out after 1 day!!
So, now after it's been back on for a week, things have definitely changed!
1. TV will be a planned event.
2. No flipping channels just to find something to watch.
3. When it is on, viewing time will be limited.
That's what we've got so far. I guess there will be more as time goes on. It was definitely a worthwhile experience, I recommend it to everyone!


  1. Sounds like excellent rules! How has it gone so far?

  2. Our kids watch no TV at all. Dh has a few shows he records regularly and watches in marathon -- so he doesn't have to wait to find out what happens! I prefer blogs & board for my screen time. :) I'm really enjoying your blog!! I recently read about "Unplug Your Kids" which has themes of things to do instead of watch TV:


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