Thursday, September 4

Adventures in MFW ~ week 10

We've learned so much this week! Last week we started week 10, this week we continued, and next week we will wrap it all up! Wow! I never thought I'd end up on a bunny trail.
We read The Fourth of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh.

We also read a portion of Red, White, and Blue by John Herman.

I don't ever remember my history teacher telling me that it's only supposed that Betsy Ross sewed the flag. I thought it was fact! Hmm...

I told you that we've added A Child's Story of America. I am so glad that we did. MFW sort of teases you with the war. There's tiny bits of info here and there, basically just telling you that there was a war. I want some nitty gritty details! We read chapters 13 (Fighting for Freedom) and 15 (The Swamp Fox and the General). "The General" is referring to Nathaniel Greene. I knew that Greeneville, TN was named after him, but I did not know he was from the War for American Independence. (Goes to show how historically challenged I am.)

Our read aloud has been Lizzie and the Redcoat, it's a Sisters in Time book. We are loving it! I can't wait to read more in the series. It really delves into what was going on. Real political issues and such.

We also watched "The First 4th of July" Liberty's Kids episode on YouTube.

Our other subjects have been moving along. (Except science, we'll resume next week with Insects.)

We started Latin's Not So Tough! Level One. The way we do Latin works for us, and it's not too much. Monday: SSL lesson, review Minimus, 1 LNST worksheet. Tuesday-Friday: SSL review, Minimus new, 1 LNST worksheet.

Last but not least... I've learned that we live in the lost State of Franklin...

Tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.


  1. Isn't is wonderful what we learn when we teach our own children? I love, love that aspect of homeschooling.
    I did not know you could watch Liberty's Kids videos on You-tube.
    Sounds like you had a fabulous week.
    ~Hope you have a great week-end.

  2. Looks like you had fun. I didn't know about the lost state of Franklin, very interesting, since we hike in that area often.

  3. We loved the 4th of july book this summer.:)

  4. An awesome week! Do the boys like the Sisters in Time book as well? There seem to be so much historical fiction with a heroine that sometimes it seems like too much when you have boys.

  5. Bronwyn ~ I deleted the duplicate post! :) Yes the boys are loving Sisters in Time. It's the first we've read, but her brother is as much a main part of the story as she is. I tried to find something geared toward boys, no luck yet...


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