Wednesday, September 10

Something New This Year

Pretty much everything we're using this year is new, but I won't go through the whole list! :)
The biggest change will start Monday. We are going to try a Loop Schedule.
We started Adventures in My Father's World in June. I have found what we will stick with until the end of that cycle. It provides two main things that I need. Plans are already prepared for me and library trips are not essential to the program. Yet, there is plenty of room for flexibility.
Next would be Kindergarten. I tried just about every reading plan or program I could think of and Reading Reflex is what is starting to show results. I know that a lot of times reading finally clicks and it's not necessarily the program, but in our case it IS the program. We're also using VM Hillyer's Kindergarten at Home. (Free at Google Books.)
The last major change is how we do Language Arts. I'm using Primary Language Lessons with my two oldest. We're also implementing a more Beechick approach. Copywork will be done in the first 3 loops and on the 4th it will be dictation. Right now, I'm using the lessons in The Three R's. Hopefully I'll "get" it soon and be able to make my own lessons.


  1. Hope you have fun trying all the new things.

  2. Sounds great. I will check back and see what you say about Adventures. We missed it because we didn't find MFW until our kids were a little older but we are loving ECC!

  3. Well, good for you to try new things! Are your shelves full of "past" experiments like mine used to be? Oh, the joy of trying something new so we don't get stuck in the mud. :-)

  4. Great post. Thanks for the links, I checked a few of them out. Have a blessed week.

  5. Thank you for sharing! It is great to try new things. You have a beautiful family!


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