Friday, October 10

Adventures in MFW ~ week 15, part 1

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we only need to "school" 5 more days this month to stay on track. The bad news is that I took a 3 day break this week. Well, I guess that's not really bad news. Especially with our loop schedule. All I have to do is pick up where we left off. I love it! No "extra" planning, needed! (Except to add more Bible readings.) I highlighted what we actually completed this week.
For Adventures in My Father's World, we only completed one state. New Hampshire.
Our Picture Study was Prima Ballerina by Edgar Degas. They enjoyed coloring the picture. We listened to our music selection (from the Nutcracker) while they colored. I got the coloring pages from here.
Reading Reflex and *T*... I keep forgetting to post pictures of his word building exercises. I'm so proud of him!!
Zoology I: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
We learned the most disgusting things this week. Yuck #1: When a mosquito "bites" you, it SPITS into the wound and we have an allergic reaction to it. That is why it itches. Yuck #2: A fly uses it's feet to decide whether or not it wants to eat something. Then it VOMITS acid onto your food so that it can use it's sponge mouth to absorb your liquified food.
We started doing Ambleside Online's Literature. *B* is doing Year 3, and *C* is doing Year 1.
It looks like a lot, but really it isn't. The purple boxes are what they do by themselves. I pre-read the selection and when they are done I hear their narration. I don't write it down or anything, I just make sure it's accurate. *C* loves to draw. So, instead of narrating his poem he draws a picture of something that comes to mind while reading it. ~ Notice the sun in the window.


  1. No bad news in that! :) We're schooling two days next week and will be hiking and picnicking the other three days.
    It looks like you still accomplished a lot!
    I taught Zoo 1 last year in co-op so I remember those yucky details.
    The AO stuff looks really good.
    I hope you have a fabulous week-end.

  2. It is great to see how others schedule their school year. I love that you have the flexibility to do what you need to when you need to! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I knew about the mosquitos but no the flies. eeew! I shared this with my boys. They love gross things. :)

  4. We are doing the Flying Creatures on the Fifth day, too - well, with a little twist since we are in the tropics. Here, mosquitoes are not only biting insects but one of the seasons - we have three, dry, rainy and mosquitoes! ;-)

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

  5. I just realized you have the HomeLife Academy link. We are enrolled with HLA!


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