Saturday, October 18

I got my hair cut!

This is what I looked like last night...

This is what I look like today...

Dh lost me at Walmart, because he couldn't remember what I looked like! Seriously!


  1. Great haircut! I had to laugh about your dh losing you in Walmart - too funny! :0)

  2. Audrey: It's soooo cute!! It feels great to have a new "do." It really looks good on you!! Hopefully your hubby will get use to it soon so he can recognize you-hehe.
    I see your blog is a little different today. You are really good at changing it around. I like the scrapbook layout you chose.

  3. I followed your link here from Ambleside - thank you for posting what your timeline looked like! I have three little ones - one is in first grade - we are doing year 1 - my four year old joins in on some things but is mostly still just preschool/year 0 - then I have one that will be 2 this week - she has fun drawing and talking while we are doing school! I LOVE your hair cut! Sunshine
    My blog link is
    I will be visiting yours more often - it looks FULL of amazing information!

  4. I love your new do! Very cute! And I love your new blog look too. That is so funny how dh lost you. LOL! That's when you know it was long overdue. Ha! I've done the same. I think it's time for a trim now. My hair is short but it's beginning to grow out into that unmanageable length. I have no idea of what to do with it. Yours looks really cute. :)

  5. Thanks so much! I really do love it!

  6. It really is such an adorable cut! You look younger and more grown up at the same time. LOL


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