Wednesday, October 29

Field Trips

My absolute favorite would be when we went to Texas, but I posted about that here. But of that trip my favorite part was staying in New Orleans. I've always loved New Orleans. The first time I went was in November of 1997 when my Grandpa died. The funeral was in Gulfport, MS and my loving mother (Happy Birthday, Mommy!) drove me to New Orleans for the day.

Here is on the way to Texas last May.
We stayed at the Hilton and could see the Super Dome from our room.
The next morning, we walked along the boardwalk until the Aquarium opened.

This was my first visit to an aquarium.

Here are a few pictures as I was trying to get back on 10.


  1. Hi! This is my first time to your blog! I have been trying to implement AO for awhile now, but I struggle a bit with teaching different levels. It's nice to meet another AO user.



  2. Audrey: My hubby and I actually vacationed in New Orleans before we had kids. The old houses and architecture were beautiful.
    The Texas trip looks like lots of fun!
    I like the way you posted the smaller photos side by side too-very nice!


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