Sunday, October 5

Putting My *LOOP* Together

I do have a toddler who gets jealous at school time, so we don't loop for a predetermined "chunk" of time. I do as much as I can, take a break, do more, break... and so on...
This thread at the Well Trained Mind Forum is how it all began! Here are the steps I took in creating my schedule:
*I listed every single subject that I would ideally like to accomplish in one week's time.
*I weeded out what could be done independently.
*I decided what order to to put them on my flow chart.

*Then I had to figure out how to write out my plans. I just decided to write it out as I will do it. (Except our Read Aloud is done before bed.) I cross it out as I go and continue to the next box. Simple.

I decided to plan 4 full days worth of work and allow Friday as an "overflow" day. Here's an example of how a week might flow:
Monday ~ Bible, LA, Math, Adv in MFW
Tuesday ~ Bible, Latin, Zoology, Picture Study, LA, Math
Wednesday ~ Bible, Adv in MFW, Latin, Zoology, Music, LA, Math, Adv in MFW (Yes, we've done 1 subject 2x in one day.)
Thursday ~ Bible, Latin, Zoology, Art Adv, LA, Math
Friday ~ Bible, Adv in MFW, Latin, Zoology, FREE CRAFT! (not shown above)
I do alter the above as needed. Sometimes listening to our music selection works best during lunch. So, I do it and cross it off.


  1. Well done! Would love to hear how it goes!

  2. Looks like a wonderful schedule Audrey. I have read about the Loop schedule on WTM and you have really laid it out and explained it so well! It is truly a blessing to find whatever works best. Very well done!!

  3. This looks fabulous. It's a great visual. I'm going to link to you!

  4. I had been doing this without realizing it was a loop schedule. Ha! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Can you give us an is this working out?

  6. I don't really have a "scheduled" loop anymore. I'm just following the day-to-day plans in Creation to Greeks.


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