Friday, October 31

Adventures in MFW ~ week 16

Rhode Island, Vermont, Daniel Boone

I was very pleased with how this week turned out. Everything that I had planned for the week was finished! That doesn't happen very often. I have come to realize that we really only do the History in MFW, and I'm ok with that.

Bible: We read Mt 14:1-12, Jn 4:1-54 (over 2 days), and Lk 4:16-44. We take turns reading it out loud.

MFW: They did the state pages for RI and VT. Then (finally!) we did some more history. We read about Daniel Boone from Exploring American History only to find out that we live very NEAR to a tree that he supposedly carved his name in. I know it's in Washington Co., but I'm having a little trouble finding the exact location. I did find an awesome website for TN history. That led me to The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association. I found that the kids and I had been to some of the places along the trail.

The Natural Tunnel in VA: It's rumored that Daniel Boone was the first white man to see the tunnel.

This Stockade is a replica of the posts they had all along the Wilderness Trail. The families would gather here until there was a big enough party to safely travel on.

On the way home, we ate at the Hob Knob. (I did NOT take this picture.)

I really do need to start reading ahead in History. I'm upset that I couldn't point all of these things out while we were there!

Zoology: We finally finished Lesson 9. Yay! I need to be more faithful. I think from now on we'll just read it and discuss. IF we decide to notebook about it then we will.

Latin: Song School Latin, chapter 11; Latin's Not So Tough 1, letters I K L M.

Math: *B* did lessons 35-39 and all of the corresponding review sheets. She's learning how to subtract using renaming (or borrowing as I learned).

*C* did lessons 15-19. The next one is a test! He loves tests! LOL

*T* is back working on Essential Math by Singapore, Horizons moves too fast for him. I have NO CLUE what to buy for him next year. I'm thinking of using Saxon.

Language Arts: *B* & *C* did lessons 26-28 in Primary Language Lessons. Lesson 26 was about the days of the week, so we read about the origins of the names in our Child Craft Encyclopedia. Lesson 28 is to memorize The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson. They are enjoying it and memorizing it fairly quickly.

*T* is slowly but surely moving in reading. He gets frustrated very easily because his older siblings can read very well. He just doesn't understand why he can't read.

Art: I've given up on Art Adventures at Home . It's a very good program, but we like worksheets. :) So, we've been doing Lamb's Book of ART I, by Barry Stebbing. This week was lesson 2: The Color Wheel.

Composer, Artist, and Hymn Studies: Not much to write about this week. We listened to Bach a few days and haven't done anything with Monet yet. Mostly we've been practicing I Sing The Mighty Power Of God.

Ambleside Online Literature: We're done with week 2!!

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  1. That sounds like a very productive week Audrey! :0) I love their Zoology illustrations. I agree about just reading the Zoology and do the pages, etc. whenever you want to.
    I still call renaming borrowing also-I just can't help it.
    It is so cute that "C" likes tests. I'm sure he is excited to be having one soon.
    I'll come back and explore the TN History stuff this week-end.
    And I'll grab your button too-that is so cute.:)


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