Wednesday, October 15

Our Homeschool Family

I didn't think I would like this at first... but I really enjoyed it.

(Sung to the tune of The Addams Family)

We have a terrible two-er
Two boys who are peculiar
Big sister is a drooler
Our Homeschool Family

We learned to grow a daisy
The librarian thinks we're crazy
It really doesn't faze me
Our Homeschool Family

We go to church on Sunday
And sometimes school on Monday
But we learn ev'ry day
Our Homeschool Family

~ Moan ~
~ Groan ~
~ At Home ~

We're learning to speak Latin
The states we are a mappin'
Education is not lackin'
Our Homeschool Family

Lazy we're not bein'
Skippin' school for a museum
Imitate the art we're seein'
Our Homeschool Family

The internet is our friend
With lots of mail to send
A blog to keep the trend
Our Homeschool Family

Here's the video that sparked the whole thing!


  1. Great Job! I thought it was going to be hard but it was actually fun! I was trying to think of something to go with "crazy" -- Faze Me -- how clever!

  2. These things really are so creative. You did a great job!!!


  3. Glad you went ahead and joined. You did a great job! So fun!!

  4. that was really fun! :) thanks for sharing about your family! :)
    Prayers and Blessings,
    Miss Amanda

  5. Very clever Audrey!! I did not get to do this meme, I've not had time this week with being gone a lot.
    Very nicely done! :)


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sweet to the taste and health to the body.
~ Proverbs 16:24